Ny artikkel om webrekruttering til epidemiologiske studier

 RESULTS: Altogether 1,812 web respondents compared with 27,936 postal respondents from the EPINCONT study. The Internet sample was younger than the EPINCONT sample (37 vs. 48 years, P<0.05). The proportion of women 60 years or older was 3.3% in our study and 29.0% in the EPINCONT study. Unadjusted prevalence of UI was lower in our study (20%) than in the EPINCONT study (25%), but stratified prevalence rates were higher in all individual age groups. In the Internet sample, we found less slight UI in all age groups, and more moderate (30-39 and 50-59-year age groups) and severe UI (30-39, 40-49, and 50-59-year age groups). CONCLUSION: We attracted a younger population with more severe UI than the EPINCONT study. Web-based approaches are less appropriate for studies on conditions concerning the older population than postal methods.